September 8, 2020 | Rjsh

racial socialization: how do we radically rewrite our racial scripts?

RJSH Practice

“To heal from racism, you have to re-educate yourself and unlearn the processes by which racism thrives, that is, how racism is internalized for people of color and how race, ethnicity, and Whiteness are made to be invisible for White people.” || Dr. Anneliese Singh

RJSH practices and prompts drop on IG every Friday; follow along to grow and heal with us. We moved through the foundations of racial socialization in a three part series. Download the practices and prompts below. RJSH Weeks 1-3 on racial identity development can be downloaded here.

RJSH Week 4 | Racial Socialization
how does your story write and rewrite racial scripts?

RJSH Week 5 | Racial Socialization Rewriting
how do we radically rewrite our racial scripts together?

RJSH Week 6 | Connecting Inner & Outer
how does racial healing & justice deeply change you when the world isn’t looking?

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