and, the most hopeful word in the dictionary, building bridges between people, communities, ideas, and actions. For instance, you and me. 

and, also the most radical word, demanding multiple and infinite truths coexisting simultaneously and together. For instance, “We’ve made progress and we have more to do. What’s next?”  

The now is simple, a call to action — the time is always now.

we seek to build a radical collective for revolutionary wellness and collective rising through the prism of racial justice and social healing

As two women of color co-founders living and working within the equity, justice, and community mental health space for over a decade, our manifesto embodies our experiences, stumblings, and learnings — written by us, for us and the radical collective we seek to build. Read our full manifesto.

So, find your and. Now, let’s begin. 

we are practitioners, not experts

Through passion and praxis, our identity-forward, race-centered approach is grounded in practices, learnings, and careers in DEI and mental health. Our work is possible because of the cognitive, emotional, and physical labor from activists, researchers, writers, organizers, teachers, and everyday people who have reconstructed impossibilities into radical possibilities. We lift them up and credit them generously and gratefully. 

and, now